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"I customarily killed old women. They all died, there by the big river. 메이저사이트I didn't used to wait until they were completely dead to bury them. The women were afraid of me."Coronavirus: La Liga, French golf club matches & Barca Winners League game behind closed down doors . That's the account of a man from the Aché, an indigenous tribe in eastern Paraguay, as told to anthropologists Kim Hill and Magdalena Hurtado.He explained grandmothers helped with chores and babysitting but when they got too old to be useful, you couldn't be sentimental.The Aché are nomadic hunter-gatherers who traditionally lived in small groups, relying on wild forest resources for their survivalBrutally, the usual method was an axe to the head. For the old men, Aché custom dictated a different fate. Quick Tips About Soccer That will Are Simple to Follow were sent away - and told never to return.What obligations do we owe to our elders? Champions League last 16: Exactly what are each side's chances? 's a question as old as humankind.And the answers have varied widely, at least if surviving traditional societies are any guide.